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      HALO is the premier Private Criminal Investigations firm in Texas.  
Eddie Frankum is the founder and President of HALO and w
e specialize in criminal
and post-conviction investigations, including new evidence, private criminal
crime scene reconstruction, case review, search/seizure/asset forfeiture
cases, civil rights violations and police procedure and accountability.  

  Most of our clients hire us after they have been charged with a crime or they
have been convicted of a crime and have been sentenced to the penitentiary.

  Our firm is compromised of some of the best Criminal Investigators in the
state who are all licensed by The Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as a
former State Judge and a vast pool of consultants, legal advisors and lawyers we
have immediate access to.  

  HALO is known for conducting very aggressive investigations and for the
successful results which often come afterwards.  We have conducted complicated
investigations that have established conspiracies against defendants, uncovered lies
that were told during trial and deals that were secretly made with witnesses, located
new witnesses, produced evidence that was favorable to defendants the state hid
(Brady violations) and we have interviewed "victims" of alleged crimes, some of
whom admitted they lied about the accusations they made against the defendant.

  HALO Investigators have interviewed jurors who said that had they known
about certain evidence law enforcement hid but we produced (after the conviction),
the jurors would not have convicted the defendant at trial.

  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime they did not commit
or they were wrongfully convicted of a crime, you need the best Private Criminal
Investigative team in Texas.  Call us to discuss your situation or click on
the "Contact Us" tab to send us an email.