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Chief Investigator

Personal Life: First and foremost, Eddie Frankum is a child of God and is an active member of his church. He is married, has children and considers himself a family man. Mr. Frankum has previously been a pee-wee league soccer and football coach, is a firearms (handgun) instructor and helps lead a Sunday School class at his church.

Professionally, Mr. Frankum's background is in law enforcement where he previously served as Captain in Internal Affairs and later as Chief of Police. Mr. Frankum has been the Chief Investigator at HALO Private Investigators since 2004, when HALO was founded and he became the President when HALO incorporated in 2005. Mr. Frankum is licensed by the Texas DPS as a Private Investigator and has been an associate member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association since 2009, where he is designated as an "Expert Investigator." Mr. Frankum is dedicated to his work and enjoys making a positive change in people's lives who have been wrongfully arrested or convicted of a crime.

Former State Judge
Former Assistant District Attorney