From R.C. (Murder case): "Mr. Frankum, You have blessed me beyond what I can say and I will always remember that. I would also like to put together a detailed account of the work you did for me and the successes that we had so that it can go out as an advertisement to others in hopes that they will see it and be able to hire you to help them as you did me!"

From D.T. (Capital Murder case): "Mr. Frankum ... What really sold me [on] you was the added fact that [another inmate] just got released on your [work] ... I used to live on the same wing with him ... So I knew that you knew what you were doing. It (the story) was on the front page of the "Dallas Morning News".

From J.F. (Intoxication Assault case): "Eddie, I will always be grateful for what you did for me. Without a doubt you are the main reason we won the case. I thank you for your work ethic."

From S.C.B. (Aggravated Robbery case): "Dear Eddie ... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you. I cant tell you how much your encouragement and unconditional openness has meant to me as an individual. I wish there were more people like you in this world; that know how to be honest and helpful, putting their words into action and making a difference in people's lives."

From M.F.B. (Theft/Enhanced case): "Mr. Frankum, I spoke with my new attorney on Friday. The D.A. is not going to try me on the Haltom City case. You and you alone are responsible for that. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts."

From B.G. (Manufacturing/Delivery of Controlled Substance case): "… Well Eddie, just know this, that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being there for me and I want to thank you and I have a lot of respect and love for you."

From T.C. (Capital Murder/Death Penalty case): "You are the first person to ever ask for these [police records] and no one ever realized that these docs were not included. I knew I hired the right man before we had our meeting weeks ago, but it was totally reaffirmed at our meeting."

From S.G.M. (Aggravated Robbery case): "If you need someone to investigate matters and you think your attorney and the police didn't … I strongly recommend HALO Protection Services, Inc.".

From I.C. (Capital Murder case): "Dear Eddie … thank you for visiting me today. Your attitude and professionalism is exactly what we've been looking for, so thank you for helping me bridge the distance between what I thought was possible and what I now know we can achieve. You're truly a class act and I definitely appreciate all your knowledge and efforts".

From T.L.J. (Sexual Assault case): "Mr. Frankum. I just wanted to say I am so grateful that you sent me the information regarding the dismissal from Tarrant County ... God has always blessed me even in the midst of my situation and you have truly been a blessing to me. Again thank you and continue to be a blessing in peoples' lives.

From K.J.B. (Sexual Assault case): "I would like to thank you again Mr. Frankum for everything you have done on my behalf thus far. You have done a great job and have went beyond what I have asked of you. You have been a true blessing to me."

From H.L.H. (Murder case): "I am in receipt of your letter and it was pretty exciting to read what [new evidence] you found for me ... In the past I've been turned down because I didn't have an alibi or DNA. I want to thank you for what you have done. Thank you so much!"

From K.M. (Murder case): "Eddie, I can't tell you enough how thankful I am that you are here for me ... I am planning on going back to Court soon and I look forward to being able to use the tools that you've been able to provide for me. You rock!"

From K.H. (Murder case): "Mr. Frankum, Thanks so very much for your much needed help for my son!! Our family is so very grateful to God for sending you our way!"

From A.L. (Arson case): "Mr. Frankum, Sir, I truly THANK YOU again for your assistance ... When this has come its truth and my innocence is proven I will remember you and all those employed at HALO and repay you all for your kindness"

From S.J. (Murder case): "Mr. Frankum, while the investigation did take a while, I'm sure the Court will see by your expertly prepared report that a diligent investigation into this case was performed. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all you've done for me and my father. When all of this is over and I'm standing in your office thanking everyone, I will tell you an inspiring story about angels."

From C.S.: "Dear Mr. Frankum, ... Two of my acquaintances (TDCJ inmates) have been bench warranted through your diligence and expertise. A job well done!"

From V.H. (Aggravated Assault case): "Mr. Frankum, We greatly appreciate all of your help and the fact you always kept us informed and were definitely a professional."

From P.J. (Murder case): "Dear Mr. Frankum ... You have uncovered something very detrimental to the regime that rules, governs and dominates the judicial system in Bowie County, TX. This alone constitutes newly discovered evidence and proof of prosecutorial misconduct. Media attention will have you regarded as a "Super Private Investigator".

From K.B. (Sexual Assault case): "I have to tell you Mr. Frankum that my first reaction to your [case update] was unbelief. I had to read it over again twice and what followed from there was tears falling from my eyes. Yes Sir, tears. The truth is finally coming to light after 12 long years. Your [case update] has brought me unimaginable joy. I believe these two affidavits you got from [the State's primary witness] would be reversible error in the courts along with [the witness'] admission the investigation was conducted improperly which may have lead to my wrongful conviction. You Sir, have went way beyond what I have asked you to do for me. My gratitude I almost cant put into words.

From L.C. (Aggravated Robbery case): "Mr. Frankum, I cant even begin to put together the words to express how I feel about the [evidence] you shared with me in your latest [case update]. Not only did you bring my innocence to the forefront, but you have [proven] the conspiracy that I was set up by those guys".

From Waco Tribune: DA DROPS CAPITAL MURDER CHARGES AGAINST MAN - McLennan Co. District Attorney's Office dismissed Capital Murder charges against Kennedy Wayne Hardaway in the March 2011 Lakewood Villas ambush attack in which two men were killed. An attorney for the Defendant said phone records and other evidence showed he was somewhere else when the shooting occurred. An attorney who represented the Defendant said her Investigator, Eddie Frankum, of Dallas, was able to provide a solid alibi for the Defendant through cellphone records and other evidence.

From K.B. (Indecency case): ) "Mr. Frankum, I owe you and your staff of investigators all my gratitude for everything y'all have done on my behalf. Without you and your investigators working on my case I truly believe [the attorney] wouldn't have received as much new evidence as he's got now. I do not regret spending the money [to hire HALO] and would do it again if I had to. It has been well worth every penny."

From Attorney CP: "Eddie, I just wanted to let you know that I filed the defendant's new writ today, alleging [another witness's confession to the murder] as newly-discovered evidence. Great work in breathing life back into this case!"

From JL (Murder case): ) "Mr. Frankum, Thank you for the work you and your associates have done for my benefit. I sincerely appreciate the effort you made and the results you achieved with your investigation"